We, the Zugspitze-Grainau Ski School, have been a professional ski school in the German Ski Instructors’ Association for more than 30 years.
This association has developed a snow sports philosophy that enables high-quality and targeted instruction.

With the DSLV snow sports philosophy, we make it easier for you to start enjoying the snow, to get back into winter sports or to learn new forms of movement and improve existing ones. In addition, we can respond more intensively to individual needs.
A simple and motivating course structure ensures a great welcome, quick orientation and perfect organization in our ski school.


  • First plow turns
  • Gliding and braking in the plow
  • Skiing straight ahead in a parallel ski position and stable position
  • Climbing up in stair and bone step
  • Getting to know equipment, moving on the flat


  • First turns in parallel ski position
  • Jumping on a small hill, first tricks on the piste
  • Skiing diagonally and sliding sideways
  • Rhythmic sequencing of plow turns
  • Plow turns with load changes


  • Slope tricks, riding waves and troughs, easy fun park
  • Improve turn steering – basic features
  • Improving turn changes – basic features incl. pole use
  • Stabilize and secure your position
  • Parallel cornering with variable track system


  • Ride confidently in open terrain
  • Ride and jump confidently in parks
  • Ride fast and sporty with confidence
  • Master hard slopes and steep slopes with confidence
  • Master deep snow skiing and moguls with confidence